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Come in, sit down, and have a drink with us!!

Artwork by "Spiritwind", Claw's Own!

The News!!

With the release of SoF and now SoD it has brought with it new challenges as well as some turmoil. Let's face it, group content gear is superior to a lot of the older content raid gear such as from DPoB.

We at Claw have tried to make the best of that and not only raid new group content gear in order to better prepare ourselves for raiding, but also are attempting some of the older content for the fun and sense of accomplishment that comes with raiding for the challenging win.

Claw is about the fellowship more than anything else. So if you're looking for a guild where you can hop online to play your character well in tough challenging groups and at the end of the day have a beer in a tavern where everybody knows your name, then Claw is the place for you, my friend!

Recruitment !!

Claw is always looking for good players with high game ethics and morales.

Claw of Nagafen has always been associated with good people in the world of Norrath and that should never change. One thing for sure is that I would gladly lay down my life beside any one of them and die with the honor of knowing each and everyone of them. Can you say that about your current guild?

Feel free to stop in to browse and have some fun while your here. Claw understands the game is about fun but the people are real. Everquest has lost that in the days as of late, so if you're looking for real people that enjoy the game, Claw is for you.

Submit your application HERE. But please take pride in it and remember it's your first impression. Just as we have shown pride in our presentation to you here today, you should take pride in your application to us.

Comic Corner !!

The Chat!!

Posted by Corzon on January 10, 2009, 7:31 pm

Welcome to Demiplane of Blood!

This guild has been plugging away at DoDH progression for a few months now. Sendaii proved to be quite the challenge. We got wave 1 and 2 down pretty quick, but wave number 3…. Oh how I hate wave 3. Wave 3 made me want to shave my head with a cheese grater rather than log in for another Sendaii attempt. But we recently hit our stride, got through wave 3, and the rest:

Well it’s history:

Grats on to all on the great win.

After the Sendaii win we took out Bloodeye for the first time (time / try, whatever):

Finally, we decided it was time to pay Mr. Vule a visit. It took us a few hours to get the clicking down but two mulligans and one premature attackulation™ later we dropped Vule like it was his job. Grats to the first 12 keyed for Demiplane of Blood!

Posted by Samriti on January 20, 2008, 12:06 am

New expansion, new levels, new ways to die!

It seems like it's been over 6 months since our last update - maybe because it has! We are still very much alive and well despite my slacking pretty good on the news posts.

For the past 6 months we have continued to farm Anguish and recently we've started working on Demiplane access in earnest. We've got all the blood raids down except for Sendaii which is proving to be quite the challenge. I anticipate we'll have her well in hand in the coming weeks so we can start working on Vule.


I'd like to take this time to again welcome all our new members and new recruits. Additionally I'd like to extend a warm welcome to returning members. New expansions are always nice since old faces resurface and remind me why I've been here for nearly 8 years - the people.

With SoF Anguish loot has lost some appeal which is why we are pushing heavily to break into Demiplane. We are still looking for new members who are interested in a family guild atmosphere where you can continue to get your raid on 2-3 times a week. If you are interested in progressing through DoDH and PoR this is the perfect time to submit your application here.

Finally: The Chat!!!

Posted by Samriti on December 3, 2007, 12:39 pm

Progress as promised!

The Claw has been hard at work the past few months enjoying the spoils of Anguish. We have cleared the whole zone (except for OMM who we haven't even tried yet) and at the moment it is taking nearly all our time on raid nights. In addition to farming Anguish, we've also been messing around with some DoN progression and non-progression encounters. DoN provides a nice change of scenery and we are enjoying that greatly. I'd like to extend a big congrats to everyone who's received upgrades and completed their 2.0 in the recent past!


The past few months have also brought many new faces to our ranks as well. I cannot properly express how happy all of us are to see the apps and members who have chosen this guild as home recently. Thanks to all new people for bringing your own special something to our family.

Recruiting is going extremely well but there is still a need for a few more new faces! The Claw is a family guild that raids. We raid 2-3 times a week (Wed/Fri and Monday is currently Epic night) and raiding is not mandatory. Recruits must complete the Anguish signet quest before becoming a full member, however this is our only progression requirement at the moment. If you are interested in farming Anguish (our alternate access seals are starting to rot), progressing through DoN, and starting to explore the raid side of DoDH, then please visit our recruitment page HERE.

If you do decide to place an application, I'd like to go over a few pointers. Take the application below we received recently as an example:

1. If you are going to list a "friend" in your app who is in our guild, you need to make sure they are really a friend. The person who tells you the link to our website may not consider you a friend even if you consider them one.
2. Typically, when the place you are applying to doesn't ask why you are leaving your current guild - unless you are especially witty - don't provide any unnecessary information.
3. Finally, while I admire some people's sense of honesty, it might be best to just lie. Lie to us please if you are going to state your reason for joining is "to get help with epics and coa flag and otheres things." There are several canned answers for this question which are totally acceptable: I'd like to see new stuff, I'd like to be with friends, I can't hang with the uber raiders anymore, etc, etc, etc.

Now, I've been in this guild my entire EQ career, so I've never really applied anywhere else. But, if I were going to submit an application, there are some lines I don't think I'd cross. I mean I know we are just a little family guild and all, but it's The Claw of Nagafen - not The Claw of Stupid.

The Chat!!!

More chat from Lyxandra's point of view:

Posted by Samriti on June 4, 2007, 12:40 pm

Welcome to Anguish.

Well the Claw has been hard at work over the past few months finishing up signets and getting the last of the troublesome MPG trials complete. We are finally through the trials and are officially an Anguish guild.

I'd like to thank everyone who came out to help. Huge congrats to all who have stuck with us through this painful progression! I'd also like to extend a warm welcome to all our new applicants and members, we are certianly enjoying having you in guild.

We've also been finishing up a bunch of 2.0 mobs for people who need. Grats to everyone who is an orb away from the 2.0, and everyone else who completed their 1.5 and 2.0.

And now, the chat:

Posted by Samriti on April 23, 2007, 3:21 pm