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Application Guidelines and Process

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PostPosted: April 18, 2009, 9:57 am    Post subject: Application Guidelines and Process Reply with quote

Please read this entire post and make sure you follow directions.

So you want to apply to The Claw of Nagafen.

Please take a few minutes to read our Charter. Our guild history is an interesting read which can be found here. It would also be wise to visit our web site news page to see what is going on in the guild. If you've done that and are still interested then keep reading.

What CoN is:

Claw is a Family Guild that understands real life obligations/family and that not everyone can live on EQ. We conduct Raids and Events necessary to keep our average members above average and beyond. The Claw's current focus is on group Void progression and Korafax group flagging. Any raids we do will be in unlocked zones, so there are no flagging requirements at this time. Claw is also known to jointly raid with respectable Guilds as the opportunity exists. As Claw continues to receive additional members and as we progress individually and as a Guild, advanced/higher level raids or events will be scheduled.

What CoN is not:

We are not a guild that is interested in gearing you for the uber guilds. We are not a guild that is interested in gearing your alts. We are not here to guild your recently ebayed 80 monk. We are not interested in entertaining your application if you have applied to every other guild on Bristlebane. We are not a guild that will KS, train, or do any of those things that gets attention and that might be considered "crappy things to do."

How we deal with loot:

Loot is awarded based on guild need, merit and personal need by a loot council comprised of officers and members. The more you put into the guild, naturally, the more you will get out of it. Loot will come to everyone in time so sometimes you just have to be patient. Raids are not mandatory, however we do track attendance and past loots. The loot order on raids will be full member mains first, then everyone else at the loot council's discretion.

Changing Mains:

This guild does not advocate main changes, however in some instances main changes are allowed at the Guild Leader's descretion. You must wait 1 year after your invite date before you can request a main change. There will be no exceptions to the 1 year waiting period. A person may only change mains once over the lifetime of their membership.

How to Apply:

Please follow all directions on this process, we prefer applicants who can read and follow directions. Any incomplete application will be denied and you will have to start over.

1. Create an account on our boards using your in game first name (no surnames).* Make a new post in this section and include your character's name, class, and level, placing this information in the subject of the post. It should look exactly like this: Application Samriti 80 Enchanter

2. Supply all the following information in your application:
- Detail why you are applying and what about CoN has attracted you.
- List your previous guilds
- List your Magelo profile link (you must have one), the updated profile should include all keys, flags, and AA.
- List in your application what keys and flags you have starting with the TSS expansion moving forward.

3. Double check you have included the above information in your post.

4. Take pride in your application, it is a reflection of you as the person behind the character and it is the first impression you make upon the guild members as a whole!

*Note: If you do not get a confirmation email once you sign up on our boards to be able to post your app, send an email to Merci (or an in game email is fine as well) to get activated manually.

Application Process:

1. Once you have completed your initial application post and the information is complete, your post will be moved to a private area. You will be granted access to that area as well as the guild events area on the boards.

2. There will be at least a 1 week waiting period from the time your application is submitted before you will be invited to the guild as an official applicant. This waiting period can go longer than 1 week if there are major unresolved issues.

3. You must get at least one member to be your sponsor. Members who take this role will make a post in your application thread stating they are willing to sponsor you. You cannot be invited to the guild as an applicant until you have attained a sponsor.

4. Applicant status period will be 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks you must try to attend guild raids and interact with the guild members. If you are missing signets, this is the time to get that quest complete. Its also a good way to meet other members and get to know us a little better.

5. Applicants can be removed from the guild for any reason by an officer. Realize that this period is probationary and you are representing the Claw in everything you do as an applicant. We take our name and reputation seriously.

6. Once the applicant period is complete and there are no outstanding issues, the applicant will be granted full member privileges and access to the member areas of the message boards.

7. Applicants may put in for loot on guild raids during their application period, however please note that main full members will always have precedence over applicants during loot distribution.

Applicant Blanket Requirements:

1. Level: The minimum level for invite is 75. You may apply before 75 with permission from an officer, but you must be 75 before full member status can be granted (the guild leader can override this rule).

2. Flagging: The Claw's current raid focus is on unkeyed zones, there are no flagging requirements at this time.

3. Resists: Minimum resists are 350 in everything but corruption.

4. AA: Some AA you just have to have even if they are not listed specifically for the classes below. If you are a caster it's a pretty good idea to have Spell Casting Mastery 3. Everyone who mems spells needs to have Mnemonic Retention. Run 5 is another you should probably have no matter what the class.

Contacts: If you would like to speak with anyone before you post your application for whatever reason you can contact Corzon / Seirian / Ameiva / Abern / Sarinae / Zacatac or any other Claw officer who might be online at the time via tells or in-game e-mail and we will do our best to get with you ASAP and answer your questions.
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